Ashley Ortiz-Diaz (she/her) is an artist and teacher living in Sacramento, CA. 

Born and raised in Florida, Ashley received her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Florida and has exhibited primarily in the South-Eastern US. Recent solo exhibitions have been viewed at Good News Arts in High Springs, FL and Fresh As Fruit Gallery in Deland, FL. Ashley's most exhibition was at the Faith J. McKinney Gallery in Downtown Sacramento. Ashley has attended residencies in Oysterville, WA, Ottawa, CA, and Gainesville, FL, and is currently teaching screen printing workshops at Verge Center for the Arts.

Ashley's collaboration with Florida Prisoner Solidarity (FPS, formerly IWOC Gainesville) contributed to her receipt of the Gainesville 2019 Individual Arts Award. For more on the collaborative exhibition, click this link. For more on FPS, click this link.

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